worst experience ever!
I had a very terrible experience with Green Leaf Driving School. I don\'t recommend Iwona Wieclawska as a driving instructor. She is the only English speaker in the school. She was yelling countless of times, she didn\'t explain well, she was not patient, she had long phone calls and went to gas station during almost every driving session I had, and she never apologized for that! No clear plan neither, once she told me that next time we will go to maneuver driving square but we just did normal driving in the center of Gdansk. Iwona was very sarcastic, very disrespectful, aggressive and impolite! This is her way in approaching many of her students, not only me.
Please think twice before using this driving school\'s services if you don\'t speak Polish! Generally I strongly don\'t recommend Iwona. I wish I could give zero star, I would keep that star only for her husband as he said "sorry" the day I resigned.

wypowiedź zmoderowana ( 2022-04-12 23:08:34)